InfoCongo banner is a web platform and network-building project with the objective of increasing the capacity and efficacy of data-driven environmental journalism in the Congo Basin. The project has been lead by UMD GLAD and Earth Journalism Network of Internews with 5 year funding from USAID CARPE III starting in 2015. works mostly on two parallel tracks: one is the creation of the website where environmental stories are georeferenced and provided with a suite of thematic maps and filters, some of them reported by the editors and contributors of InfoCongo, and others georeferenced from other existing sources such as Mongabay, CBFP or CARPE itself. The other activity is to build the capacity of Central African geojournalism by providing trainings, workshops, grants for in-depth reporting and networking opportunities and platforms using social media as well as in-person events.

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For further information, please contact:
Giuseppe Molinario
University of Maryland