News coverage

GLAD forest alerts were featured in:

Zalles et al. (2021) study of rapid expansion of human impact on natural land in South America was featured in:

2020 update of the global forest loss data was covered in:

2019 update of the global forest loss data was highlighted in:

Hansen et al. (2020) study on tropical forest publication was covered in:

Molinario et al. (2020) study contextualizing forest loss in the Democratic Republic of Congo was featured in:

2018 update of the global forest loss data was covered in:

Zalles et al. (2019) study on cropland expansion in Brazil was highlighted in:

Tyukavina et al. (2018) study on drivers of forest loss in the Congo basin was featured in:

Curtis et al. (2018) study on global drivers of forest loss was covered in:

Song et al. (2018) study on global land cover change from 1982 to 2016 was highlighted in:

2017 update of the global forest loss data was covered in:

Updated 2016 Intact Forest Landscapes map was featured in:

Molinario et al. (2015) and Molinario et al. (2017) studies along with the interactive map of shifting cultivation in the DRC were covered in:

Ying et al. (2017) study on global bare ground gain was highlighted in:

Tyukavina et al. (2017) study on types and rates of forest disturbance in Brazilian Legal Amazon was featured in:

Hansen et al. (2016) article on tree height distributions in Sub-Saharan Africa was featured in:

Potapov et al. (2017) study tracking loss of Intact Forest Landscapes from 2000 to 2013 was covered in:

Professor Matthew Hansen and UMD GLAD global forest cover change map were featured in:

GEDI Lidar project, GLAD alerts and global forest cover change map were highlighted in:

Hansen et al. (2016) paper on a new Landsat-based humid tropical forest disturbance alert method was included by the Editors of Environmental Research Letters (ERL) into the Highlights of 2016 collection. The article was also featured in:

Tyukavina et al. (2016) study on the extent of recently undisturbed and unfragmented (hinterland) tropical forests was highlighted in:

Tyukavina et al. (2015) study on pan-tropical carbon dynamics was covered in:

Potapov et al. (2015) paper on forest cover dynamics in Eastern Europe was featured in:

Margono et al. (2014) study on primary forest cover loss in Indonesia published in Nature Climate Change was covered in several news articles, including:

Nackoney et al. (2014) study on the impacts of civil conflict on primary forest habitat in northern DRC was featured in a news article:

Hansen et al. (2013) global forest cover loss Science article was featured in 54 news stories and multiple blog and social network posts in 2014, and is number 12 in a list of 100 academic research papers that “caught the public imagination in 2014” according to Altmetric. The article is also the most featured in the media among climate change papers in 2011-2015 according to CarbonBrief. The data from the study are also featured on a Global Forest Watch Website:

News coverage included:

Tyukavina et al. (2013) study on carbon loss in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was featured in:

Interviews and Podcasts

Viviana Zalles and Matthew Hansen have been interviewed for a series of stories on deforestation in the Amazon:

Professor Mattew Hansen comments on the situation with the Amazon fires in August 2019:

Interviews with Amy Hudson about her work to develop a global surface water dynamics map were published on the NASA Landsat Science website (Dec.18, 2015 and Dec.15, 2016)

The work of Dr. Janet Nackoney was featured in a podcast by Kyoto University, "The PrimateCast #17: An interview with Dr. Janet Nackoney."  Kyoto University Center for International Collaboration and Advanced Studies in Primatology (CICASP) Podcast Series (July 2, 2013).