Xiao-Peng Song

Xiao-Peng Song

Assistant Professor


Dr. Xiaopeng Song is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geographical Sciences. His current research focuses on understanding the trends, drivers and impacts of global land-use change using satellite remote sensing and geospatial techniques. His work has broad implications for issues such as food and energy security, and climate change. Dr. Song has published in a number of leading academic journals including Nature, Nature Climate Change, Nature Food, Nature Sustainability, PNAS, Remote Sensing of Environment and Science Advances. His current research is funded by NASA, USGS and World Resources Institute. He received his PhD from UMD in 2015 and worked at UMD until 2019. He re-joined the UMD faculty in 2022 after teaching for three years at Texas Tech University. Dr. Song publishes under the name Xiao-Peng Song.


More details at: https://geog.umd.edu/facultyprofile/song/xiaopeng